Download the latest Mercedes Benz B-Class brochure with the specifications for this vehicle.

 Suggested Retail PricePower – KW@rpm
MERCEDES B 200 STYLE LINER 444 036.00115kW@5300
MERCEDES B 200 URBAN LINER 457 736.00115kW@5300
MERCEDES B 200 STYLE LINE 7G-DCTR 465 036.00115kW@5300
MERCEDES B 200 AMGR 466 536.00115kW@5300
MERCEDES B 200 CDI STYLE LINER 470 200.00100kW@3600
MERCEDES B 200 URBAN LINE 7G-DCTR 478 736.00115kW@5300
MERCEDES B 200 CDI URBAN LINER 483 900.00100kW@3600
MERCEDES B 200 AMG 7G-DCTR 487 536.00115kW@5300
MERCEDES B 200 CDI STYLE LINE 7G-DCTR 491 200.00100kW@3600
MERCEDES B 200 CDI AMGR 492 700.00100kW@3600
MERCEDES B 200 CDI URBAN LINE 7G-DCTR 504 900.00100kW@3600
MERCEDES B 200 CDI AMG 7G-DCTR 513 700.00100kW@3600
MERCEDES B 220 CDI STYLE LINE 7G-DCTR 518 500.00130kW@3600
MERCEDES B 250 AMG 7G-DCTR 530 750.00155kW@5500
MERCEDES B 220 CDI URBAN LINE 7G-DCTR 532 200.00130kW@3600
MERCEDES B 220 CDI AMG 7G-DCTR 541 000.00130kW@3600

Includes VAT & CO2 tax


Download the Mercedes Benz B-Class BrochureMercedes Benz B-Class Brochure (5.30 MB)


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